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A South Florida Elderly Care Financial Counseling Provider

Elderly Care Service

  • Audit medical bills
  • Balance checkbooks and update ledgers
  • Make deposits
  • Notarize documents
  • Pay bills
  • Write checks
  • Power of attorney
  • Personal representative services
  • Assist in compiling tax documents for preparation by a CPAHallandale Hollywood Bookkeeping Tax
  • Accounting Elderly Florida
  • Oversee payment of taxes and insurances
  • Read and sort mail

Household Banking

  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and preparation of checks for payment of household bills.
  • Preparation of reports to track your spending.
  • Organization of financial records for use in tax return preparation or estate planning.
  • Verify Receipt of all income sources.
  • Make sure checks are deposited.
  • Pay bills in an orderly, timely fashion.
  • Maintain organizational system for easy retrieval of information.

Other Record Keeping

  • Maintain payroll records for household employees and home health aides.
  • Prepare reports for an maintain contact with family members, accountants, or lawyers regarding matters that clients wish to have reported to an interested third party.
  • General organization of paid bills, financial records, and important legal and insurance papers.
  • Track spending for budgeting purposes.
  • Keep accurate records that allow you to file timely tax and payroll returns.
  • Anticipate future financial needs based on historical income & expense data.

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